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Well it has been a while since we have posted something, so here is an announcement. Our team has been working very hard these last few months and we expect to meet our 0.2 milestone soon. We plan on celebrating this milestone with a public play test, over a 2 week period.

We cannot give dates yet, so check back here regularly, follow us on twitter @SweetasDotCom or subscribe to our youtube channel for the next announcement.


We have begun work on some more complex map designs as we are coming to the end of Version 0.1.X and will start work on 0.2.X soon. A public play test may be arround the corner. Stay around.


"PacMod" is our latest arena map. Its not much, but it is more fun than it looks ;)


Shading improvements for blocks. The new block shading looks better and is more efficiently rendered.

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